Protein intake for vegetarians

productos veganos para deportistas de Weider

Because an increasing number of vegetarians or vegan athletes have to take care of their diet and protein intake. Vegetarian diets have long been associated with a variety of nutritional deficiencies, including protein deficiency, anemia, and low intake of calcium,

Vegan cocktails for athletes

green smoothie detox

At first glance, vegan sports smoothies may look like boring, tasteless and even colorless fruit and vegetable smoothies, but in fact They have become a trend towards healthy eating due to how simple, tasty and beneficial they are for our

Fast or slow metabolism

What is our metabolism?

But before distinguishing between a fast or a slow metabolism, what is metabolism? This is the word that is on the lips of all of us and those whom we accuse of not going down and

Add some collagen to your life

Today we’re going to explain the rest of Vader’s collagen supplements, and in particular I’m going to give you some swabs when we could use each of these collagen supplements. Admittedly, when the first collagen supplements started coming out, they