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Healthy lifestyle Theodore

What is collagen and what is it for?

I’m sure this isn’t the first time you’ve heard of collagen. It was taken by a family member or friend, or you’ve probably seen it on the shelf in a pharmacy or supermarket, but … What is it for? Collagen is a vital protein for our body and makes up 25% of the total protein […]

Healthy lifestyle Theodore

How to include sugar in a healthy diet?

Sugar is one of the most common additives in ultra-processed foods that we buy and consume frequently. It adds a pleasant sweetness to our food, but unfortunately it has many negative consequences for our health. What types of sugar are there? When talking about sugar, it is important to distinguish between two types: “undefined” and […]

Healthy lifestyle Theodore

Crossfit amino acids

Do Crossfit Need Amino Acids? Although this sport has been practiced for years, it’s no secret that CrossFit is in vogue lately. There are more and more WOD tutorials that we can see on the streets, and of course you have a friend or colleague who is suitable for this type of learning. What’s more, […]