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Best Supplements for Crossfit

Endurance, strength, flexibility, balance, strength…. If you are looking for a sport that will help you improve all of these physical capabilities, CrossFit is your sport! We’ll tell you what are the ideal supplements if you practice this. WHAT IS CROSSFIT? It consists of doing an exercise program at a specific time with a specific […]

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How to make your snacks healthier

You spend all day at work, stressed and in a hurry, on schedule. But you come home in the afternoon and you are very hungry, but you have no desire or ideas to prepare a healthy snack. It can be part of our natural body rhythm, but it can also be impaired by other factors […]

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Protein intake for vegetarians

Because an increasing number of vegetarians or vegan athletes have to take care of their diet and protein intake. Vegetarian diets have long been associated with a variety of nutritional deficiencies, including protein deficiency, anemia, and low intake of calcium, omega-3s, and vitamins D and B12. Today, with the latest nutritional science and the wide […]

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Vegan cocktails for athletes

At first glance, vegan sports smoothies may look like boring, tasteless and even colorless fruit and vegetable smoothies, but in fact They have become a trend towards healthy eating due to how simple, tasty and beneficial they are for our health. p> Smoothies are the staple of a healthy diet Consideration must be given when […]