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What should be your diet during an injury?

Diet plays an important role in shortening injury and recovery time, and there are certain foods that may be needed in this process. When you are injured, you may think that the only thing you can do to recover is to rest and wait, but this is not necessarily the case. The recovery process from […]

Healthy lifestyle Theodore

Add some collagen to your life

Today we’re going to explain the rest of Vader’s collagen supplements, and in particular I’m going to give you some swabs when we could use each of these collagen supplements. Admittedly, when the first collagen supplements started coming out, they were just that, collagen. Over time, through the clinical experience of professionals like me who […]

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Sports Injury – Should You Continue Your Workout?

Когда спортсмен, независимо от того, популярен он или профессионал, ему больше не больно заниматься спортом, чем сама травма. Теперь цель состоит в том, чтобы как можно скорее восстановиться, на выйти снова улицу с гротом , позвать товарищей по команде поиграть в паддл-теннис, снова пойти в спортзал или начать плавно катиться. Но что мы можем сделать […]

Healthy lifestyle Theodore

The importance of essential amino acids in sports

Before we talk about the importance of essential amino acids in sports and dedicate ourselves to anyone with less information about it, here’s a quick overview of the concepts we’re going to develop. What are amino acids? Food is made up of various nutrients that are classified into proteins – these are large molecules, and […]