4 factors affecting female libido

1 – Micronutrients

Of course, micronutrient deficiencies aren’t as simple as all that. If you don’t have enough of them, you set in motion a cascade of physiological reactions that end in libido disappearance. But let’s break down the basic deficiencies.

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Vitamin D

It’s hard to get enough of these days, as it’s advertised from every angle as a remedy to boost immunity. But did you know that your sex life also depends on D?

Turkish scientists frankly interviewed more than 100 women, taking blood tests at the same time. As it turned out, higher vitamin D levels strangely correlated with higher levels of sexual satisfaction [3].

By the way, if you’re somehow faced with a real deficiency, taking a capsule of a measly 1000 IU is unlikely to help. Go to the doctor, expose yourself to the sun along the way, and pick up some more effective remedies.


Unfortunately, iron deficiency (in women) is quite common [4]. No matter how much meat you cram into yourself, periods and hard workouts can still get you deficient. Which will make you overwork even the simplest daily activities, not to mention high-intensity activity in bed.

Omega-3 fatty acids

If you’re interested in healthy living, you’re probably aware that fish oil helps fight inflammation (the underlying cause of many chronic diseases). It also helps with depression [5], and in countries where you eat more fish there are fewer problems with mood disorders [6].

What does this have to do with sex? Well, depression is not really a state of mind in which one experiences a lot of excitement. And anything that raises your mood raises your libido as well.


Low blood magnesium levels can lead to anxiety and insomnia. Again, anything that interferes with relaxation also interferes with libido. Anxiety and wistfulness don’t excite anyone. How much do you really need to get? More than is usually recommended for women (310-320mg/day) if you are into fitness.

2 – Macronutrients

There are no hard and fast rules, but you still need to consume enough carbohydrates, fats and calories in general, rather than getting hung up on one protein.

Why? Because all your food affects your hormone production, energy levels and mood – all of which affect your sex drive. And libido can be a great indicator that if you’re suddenly no longer interested in your partner, it’s time to rethink your diet.


A lot of women – especially those squatting on PP – rigidly limit the proportion of carbohydrates in the diet. A couple of knock-on effects: overproduction of cortisol and diminished serotonin levels. In other words, it’s easy for you to lose your temper and hard to get back into a (calm) state. Then again, there’s no time for sex.

But there’s also the other extreme: too many carbohydrates. You seem to be fueled by an energy muffin, but something goes wrong, and instead of a burst of energy, there’s a slump, a sleepy-sugar state where you’re too lazy to move or even think.

So pay attention to how you feel a couple of hours after you’ve eaten. Try foods (and portion sizes) that make you feel like rolling around in the bedroom, not like a stuffed vegetable.


In the nineties, people pretty much eliminated fat from their diet… it came to the point where they threw out avocados, how about that? Although this madness should have gone out of fashion a long time ago, some of us are once again scaring the crap out of fats – which are simply essential for the production of sex hormones.

“The fats we consume are the only source of essential fatty acids, which are the chemical building blocks for eicosanoids. Eicosanoids are the molecular ‘glue’ that connects literally everything in our bodies. They are involved in a multitude of processes, including the control of hormones” [7].

But, as always, there is a middle ground (i.e. range). If you prefer a low-fat/high-carbohydrate diet, you’ll be fine if you consume quality natural foods: fish, egg yolks, etc. Not those trans fats you get from processed junk.

Calorie intake

A short-term deficit (or surplus) of a reasonable magnitude certainly won’t kill your entire sexuality. But constant starvation is bound to weaken your libido.

Some women, unfortunately, tie their attraction to excessive deficiency. This is a mistake. If you’re constantly malnourished, you’ll only whet your appetite unsexy.

So adjust your calorie intake by controlling all the important indicators – including libido.

3 – Substances


Not only antidepressants, but also certain painkillers, antihypertensives and even contraceptives can reduce libido (ironically!) .

Of course, in some cases one cannot simply throw away the pills. But it’s worth it to find out how necessary these particular medications are, to go to a different, more progressive doctor, who can offer a different treatment, and not just write off a prescription.


Yes, yes, it depends on the dose, but many are frustrated by the lowness of that dose. And alcohol is insidious: on the one hand it can liberate and increase arousal , but after it interferes with the production of natural lubrication and the onset of orgasm .

And about the main thing: if a couple of glasses is your usual dinner, you probably also don’t sleep well. And sleep deprivation is another pathway to orgasm deprivation .


Moderate doses did increase sex drive in female rats [12]. The key word is moderate. Sex requires a degree of relaxation, which is not easily achieved by huffing a harmless cup of coffee.

It is, after all, a stimulant that raises cortisol levels and develops anxiety (even when consumed in moderation). But of course, it’s up to you personally – if you pick up your dose, sex will be hotter than a rat (from the experiment).

4 – Lifestyle

“‘Fast’ hook-ups.

Is yesterday’s prude bragging about having sex four times a night with yet another lover? Probably just to get attention and boost her self-esteem, as most women do not enjoy sex without a stable romantic relationship [14].

Only 4% of women achieve orgasm by having sex the first time they meet [1].

Also, we communicate better with people we are close to than with the first person we meet. And we need good communication to have good sex too. I hope you’re not going to ask for a link to a study on this?


Creates a hormonal background, and even distractions in the process. By the way, it’s not just about work or household stress – add in exercise stress (useful, but still). If you’re too obsessed with fitness and ploughing through it, it’s worth looking into both libido and chronic inflammatory processes.

There is no one-size-fits-all stress reliever, and there can’t be; each suits her own. But sometimes the solution is simply to stop stressing yourself out. Don’t fill your day with a million unnecessary things. And if you like sports, at least sometimes arrange an unloading week. Overdoing it doesn’t help.


Should be a priority for everyone. You know the buzzwords by heart: turn off the TV, freeze the bedroom, don’t stare at your smartphone at night, blah, blah, blah. Find the techniques that help you get enough sleep, and apply them on a regular basis.


Now you need to put them in a separate category. The more time you spend devouring another season, the less time you have left for other important things. You need someone (other than your partner) to tell you: stop watching other people’s lives and start watching your own.


A very important point. If you have lousy self-esteem, you’re unlikely to allow yourself to enjoy yourself… let alone get naked in front of someone. One way to improve the situation is to simply start doing what you’ve been doing poorly. Take on difficult tasks (both work and sport, for example) and cope. Sure, it’s trite advice, but it really raises your testosterone.

Low testosterone levels

It’s just an epidemic today – in both men and women. But the more you know about it, the more effectively you can fight back.


I am a believer and I love my husband. And I believe that physical intimacy is an important part of life for monogamous couples. Their personal affairs in the bedroom can be quite varied, spontaneous and even bizarre.

But it only works if the woman enjoys it too. Otherwise, only irritation and fatigue will accumulate and the sex will come to naught. That’s why many marriages turn into roommate relationships without intimacy.

Hypocrisy is not a virtue and married life doesn’t have to be boring. In fact, the more fun it is, the stronger the marriage.


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