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Today we’re going to explain the rest of Vader’s collagen supplements, and in particular I’m going to give you some swabs when we could use each of these collagen supplements. Admittedly, when the first collagen supplements started coming out, they were just that, collagen.

Over time, through the clinical experience of professionals like me who have used this supplement for years in various situations and through research, more complete supplements have been developed with substances that complement the action of collagen. This post will not talk about what collagen is, what it is for and what types of collagens exist. You can get this information in a previous post by clicking here.


Collagen supplements include collagen – the classic. Its composition is one of the best on the market and where many brands have adopted a similar formulation. If I would like to highlight something about collagen, it is its high quality and balanced proportion of its components. Of all I want to highlight, vitamin C, as for the proper formation of collagen.

Contribution of this product’s collagen to peptides, and the combination of peptides creates a protein, in this case we get collagen. For the successful binding of these peptides, we need vitamin C. On the other hand, the contribution of hyaluronic acid is another factor in product quality. Hyaluronic acid is a polysaccharide that provides hydration and is located between cells and collagen fibers, therefore, has a fundamental structural function.

In addition, hyaluronic acid is found in joint fluid, providing optimal lubrication to maintain joint health. It’s like we used oil on a rusty window or door hinge. But its use is useful not only in cases where the hinge is oxidized (osteoarthritis, …), its main application is prevention.

I recommend using collagen throughout the season as a preventive and cyclical. By cycles I mean we can use it for 2, 3, 4 months and rest during the season when we need to adjust other types of supplements (proteins, BCAA, …)

Beauty Collagen

In addition to collagen supplements, Weider offers various and specific supplements for this. Collagen is used in two areas:

  • One sports medicine or injury, that is, in the musculoskeletal system.
  • Other use in dermatology or in anti-angio medicine.

Beauty Collagen is a high-quality product with anti-aging effect. Over time and certain environmental factors, such as the sun, or poor hydration every day, makes this passage of time unsuitable and our skin suffers more than it should.

Skin is essential as a protective barrier against external aggressions. One of the most important factors that damage the skin and accelerate the aging process of the skin is oxidation, the appearance of free radicals. For this reason, Beauty Collagen is a supplement that also provides the benefits of collagen, magnesium and SkinAx, resulting in a unique skincare formulation.

There are many people who apply large amounts of moisturizer and even spend large sums of money on these creams, but we will not get healthy, hydrated, glowing, smooth skin … unless we do a comprehensive treatment with a nutritional supplement that provides nourishing substances necessary to maintain the structure on one side (collagen, magnesium) and achieve an antioxidant effect (SkinAx).


Highlight SkinAx as the star ingredient in Beauty Collagen, which is a patented French grape and melon extracts formula. This substance is rich in polyphenols, vitamin C, superoxide dismutase and zinc. This gives it great antioxidant power in such a way that it gives the skin a higher quality and radiance, which is a combination of uniform tone (color), brightness (contrast), imperfections (dark circles, blemishes) and firmness. On the other hand, it manages to regulate the synthesis of melanin, maintains the elasticity and hydration of the skin.

Unlike other collagen supplements, this one has a very clear aesthetic use and we can use it continuously or during a critical period, which will be from mid-spring to mid-autumn. In the spring, in preparation for the summer season when we have the most sunshine, and after summer, as a regeneration of the damage done, the additives persist through the summer. As I have been able to observe in the studies using SkinAx, the benefits were obtained from the eighth week of treatment.

Collagen for joints

Another Weider collagen supplement is Joint Collagen, one of the most complete products on the market. We define it as a chondroprotector, but in the broadest sense of the word and where its action, which is determined by its rich composition, gives it a wide range of possibilities. In this product, not only collagen is the star, but also silicon, turmeric. Its composition gives it a wide range of uses, and we could summarize that its use would be indicated as a preventive and as a treatment.


This will help us prevent injury, but with other options, Pooled Collagen will use it as a preventative agent during the season, which could be dramatically altered in training plan due to increased training intensity or increased duration.

In my opinion, where it plays a significant role, and it would be in combination with physiotherapy, osteopathy … this is during a sports injury. Acute or chronic tendinopathy, joint injury or sprain, even with muscle contractures (due to the relaxing effect of magnesium, due to the anti-inflammatory effect of turmeric …), this product cannot be absent in our supplements. In the event of an injury, an appointment must be determined, and this should only be indicated by a healthcare professional.

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