How to make your snacks healthier

You spend all day at work, stressed and in a hurry, on schedule. But you come home in the afternoon and you are very hungry, but you have no desire or ideas to prepare a healthy snack. It can be part of our natural body rhythm, but it can also be impaired by other factors such as fatigue from work, lack of sleep quality, or even having too much lunch. And all of this leads to the fact that at this time of day you go for a bite to eat first, and trust me, this is not a healthy option.

Keys to making healthy snacks

I’m going to give you some tips to keep your snacks healthier and resist the temptation to snack on anything. Take note.

Get ready

The easiest way to choose healthier snacks is to leave something ready. Set aside time before the start of the week, such as Sunday night, to prepare various snacks or snacks.

Prepared snacks can be divided and placed in containers so you can prepare them over the next few days. Then you can take them to work if you are away from home. I advise you to go through our recipes section where you will find super easy recipe options to make and above all delicious and nutritious.

Another advantage of this? Making your own healthy snacks means you know what the ingredients are, and thus avoid the unwanted ingredients you might find in ultra-processed ones.

Avoid sugar

When you break the barrier at 5:00 pm, often the most tempting and quickest option is a heavy dose of sugar. But the reality is that it doesn’t give you the best solution for overcoming power outages. Your body digests sugar quickly, which can cause your blood sugar to spike. And what happens to this? Well, it gives you a rush of sugar and energy, but then it drops, leaving you tired and hungry again (maybe even more than in the beginning).

When I talk about sugar, I mean refined sugar and ultra-processed foods. These are the ones you should avoid and the ones that cause the energy to drop. Therefore, if you like something sweet, you can use some of our recipes or just make yourself a fruit salad, which is a real food: sugar, naturally present in the cocktail fruit + fiber + vitamin. You know perfectly well what your body is asking for, and you can help it by being prepared to satisfy it with a healthier alternative to snacks.

Choose good ingredients

Regardless of which snack you choose, try to make sure it contains a combination of protein and fat, as well as slow-digesting carbohydrates (fruits, vegetables, legumes, and whole grains). This will help you avoid hunger before lunch. For example, a protein shake, as well as a piece of fruit and a piece of dark chocolate, are easy to make at home and can be quickly left ready in the morning or even taken to work.

What if I don’t have time?

You can always turn to ready-made snacks or bars that provide you with quality proteins to help you fill up. Bars like Yippie Bar or protein bars like Weider Bar Protein or energy bars like Weider Bar Energy give you plenty of protein ready to eat without a lot of added sugars.

Yummy protein cookies or peanut butter toast or a delicious bowl of protein chocolate are another healthy snack option.

To summarize: don’t stop cooking snacks and enjoy a sweet or snack even if you like it. The key is to always choose healthy options. Your body and mind will thank you!

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