7 reasons to train strength

Fitness lifestyle is an irresistible trend, reinventing itself every year and encouraging more and more people to pursue an active lifestyle. Fitness in general, which includes strength, endurance, flexibility, and speed, can be summed up in the phrase “conditional skill ability.”

Most fitness professionals focus on muscle strength and endurance. However, strength training through muscle building is critical to improving all of these conditioning skills.

Entrenamiento de fuerza en el gimnasio

Strength training has the following positive effects on our body:

1. Visual change

This is probably the main reason many people start with strength training: the desire to change their appearance. Strength training allows the body to shape and change. The closer we get to our visual “ideal”, the more comfortable we feel. This process cannot be done overnight, but with ambition and discipline, the first small changes quickly become visible.

2. Improve daily life

Muscle training also strengthens the passive structures of our body. These include tendons, ligaments, joints, and bones. Also connective tissue structures, such as discs, that are strengthened by bodybuilding. Strengthening bones helps prevent diseases such as osteoporosis. Strength training builds strong muscles that soothe joints and therefore can prevent premature joint wear.

3. Slows down the biological clock

Approximately 20 years is when we reach our best physical condition, then it decreases slowly but steadily. At a certain age (around 35), muscle performance decreases by about one percent every year. This process can be influenced and slowed down with well-structured strength training. So it’s never too late to start strength training.

4. Mental strength in the gym and in everyday life

Building muscle is challenging for both body and mind. If we have a long-term goal and discipline in the gym, these positive qualities can be transferred to other areas of our lives, such as our personal and work lives.

5. Improves metabolism

Strength training has a positive effect on blood sugar and fat metabolism. Sugar and fatty acid molecules are better absorbed and metabolized by muscle cells. Even when you’re not exercising, muscles can make a positive contribution to your metabolism. Musculature is known as active body mass, which burns fat and blood sugar even when you are resting, thereby increasing energy expenditure.

6. Avoid back pain

Approximately 80% of the population complain of back pain at least once in their life. Back pain has become a widespread medical condition that can have a very negative impact on quality of life. The reasons are multifactorial. It is believed, however, that today’s lack of exercise is the cause of this phenomenon. Strength training strengthens the back and prevents the effects of a sedentary society.


7. Resistance training reduces weight

Still others believe that resistance training provides a lean figure However, it is more than proven that even more calories are burned with bodybuilding exercises. High intensity training also ensures that more calories are burned after exercise, which is known as the post-burn effect.

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