Exercise according to your menstrual cycle

When Vader asked me to write about how exercise affects the menstrual cycle, I had to do a lot of personal reflection and travel back in time to remember my career. sports. The training was very hard, difficult, no matter what day of the month I was.

To be honest, they never told me that I should exercise according to my menstrual cycle, there was not as much information at that time as there is now. I limited myself to always training to the limit, knowing that the days of the rules can be weaker, and I say that I can because I have always tried to train the same way, they never asked me if I had my period or not, so that do other or less heavy workouts.

Men and women actually have more similarities than differences, but it is true that the few differences we have are very large and we cannot ignore them. Chief among them: our hormonal system.

Mujer entrenando

And I think it is important for us women to know how our body works, to accept it and understand it better, because these differences make us unique.This first part will be a little technical to try to explain as easily as possible. how the menstrual cycle works.

Phases of the menstrual cycle

Based on the fact that women undergo hormonal changes every 7 days (yes, every 7 days!), we can divide the menstrual cycle into three phases:

  • follicular
  • ovulation
  • Lútea

And depending on which phase we are in, different hormonal processes take place in our body, so we experience so many ups and downs, both physical and emotional, during the month.

How to exercise for each phase of the menstrual cycle

Follicular phase

It only starts when your period ends. We have more insulin sensitivity, we eat better carbs and feel more energized. These days we will be able to do more intense workouts and with rhythm changes (HIT, functional training)


At this stage, the egg is transferred to the uterus for fertilization. We will have less appetite and more thirst. Metabolism is increasing and testosterone levels can rise up to 11%, so strength training will benefit us these days

These days we recommend the highest quality protein with amino acids to help you recover better, sugar free and low in fat. Try Isolate Whey 100 CFM and you won’t change anything!

Luteal phase

This is the pre-menstrual phase. At this stage, you may feel very hungry, and we may consume 500 to 900 calories and feel lack of energy. And besides, we have worse insulin sensitivity, with which we will have worse carbohydrate tolerance. This is where we can have mood swings and more cravings. My trick: fruit + dark chocolate, at least 85% cocoa, 1 or 2 squares to saturate yourself and avoid ultra-processed foods (aside from satiety, these healthy options feed you.

These days of the menstrual cycle, Ultra Burner can make your workouts (and day after day) easier thanks to its ingredients. Caffeine will help you exercise with more energy, L-Tyrosine helps regulate mood, and tryptophan promotes wellness and relaxation and can regulate appetite.

At this point in your menstrual cycle, don’t be so demanding of yourself. Cardio and strength training are recommended, but we may notice that we cannot give 100%. Let’s take a deep breath and do what we can.

On normal days, as such, there is blood loss, so our ability to oxygenate our muscles is reduced and we will feel weaker and less willing to exercise. However, I recommend that you exercise, even if it is light. yoga can be a fantastic exercise because getting around can help ease the pain on those days.



Being well informed and knowledgeable about our menstrual cycle and how our body works these days is a very powerful tool because it forces us to accept what is happening to us rather than trying to go against it. about what happens to our body.

Finding a way to exercise according to your menstrual cycle is a big help, but I recommend that you exercise the way you like it every day, just as you know how to stop and rest on the days you see you are not. you can. The fact that you know how to listen to your feelings, each of us is the world. Respect yourself, acknowledge that hormones are in charge, and don’t push yourself harder than you need to when your body says “relax.”

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